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Shannon and Jennifer Ford have been competing on the KCBS and MIM BBQ networks since 2007.  Our first competition was a  large backyard contest  held in St. Louis, where we faced off against 80 teams.  We took 6th in Brisket, 5th in Ribs and 1st in Pork on our first time out.   We were immediately hooked into the addictive hobby of competitive BBQ.

Shannon and Jennifer

1st In Pork, 5th In Ribs, 6th In Brisket - Our First Time Out

  In 2008, we started competing on the KCBS circut.  We named our team H*QUE and had a lot of fun playing up the military theme as well as cooking up some great BBQ.   We gained a lot of experience those first years that helped to make us  who we are today.  In 2011, we joined with another team and became known as The Q Factor.   The Q Factor climbed the KCBS ranks and our brisket hit the top 10 in the nation.  We have received awards in all categories-chicken, ribs, pork and brisket.

We also compete yearly in Memphis in May with the Norweign  National BBQ team.  A chance encounter led us to cooking their ribs and pulled pork for competition in Memphis.  Our pulled pork has won the people’s choice 2 years back to back in Memphis in May (3rd in ’10 and 1st in ’11).   At Memphis in May 2012, we cooked shoulder for the first time for the Norwegian Team and took a very impressive 8th place in that category completing a goal of walking the stage in Memphis with a top 10 call in one of the main 3 categories.

It’s been almost 5 years of cooking BBQ on the competitive circuit and with the awards and ribbons, we’ve started getting requests to come and cook our great BBQ for everyone.  So we  have started our BBQ catering and vending business so we can bring our love of great, competition quality BBQ to you.

Oh Yeah!!!

3rd Place Ribs - My First KCBS Call


We don’t cut corners when we fix our BBQ.  Pork and brisket are cooked for a minimum of 12 – 14 hours.  Ribs are cooked  6-7 hours.  Low and slow is the only way to go!  We promise you the most authentic smoked BBQ we can offer.  It might take longer to cook this way, but we know it’s  the right way to get the best BBQ from our custom built pit each and every time.  We use our own custom blend of rub to flavor our meats.  We also use a different rub for  each meat, ensuring the rub matches the flavor profile we’re looking for.  Sauce is our specialty… from a sweet sauce, to a Carolina vinegar based sauce, to a sweet heat, we can find a flavor profile to fit just about anyone’s liking.


What a rush!!

The Norwegian National BBQ Team & I - May 2011 - 1st Place People's Choice Pork



We look forward to letting you try a taste of our authentic, slow smoked, delicious Missouri BBQ – smoked with oak, cherry and hickory hardwoods.  We’re sure you’ll think it’s Q-Licious too!

Shannon & Jennifer